I should have done this earlier…Recently I began to post in english, so to the “new entrants” I´ll say a bit about myself. While working as an economist at a large american corporation in the US in the mid 1990´s, I got interested in the US economy, particularly because I found the economic analysis being produced by investment banking houses mostly unconvincing. To most analysts, in late 1994 early 1995 the economy was set to “drown” and inflation was “lurking around the corner”. The “great Moderation” was a few years away from being “identified”. After returning to Brazil, I continued to write and talk about the US economy, publishing in 2002 a book of essays written between 1994 and 2000 that essentially tracked the US economy.
More recently, Scott Sumner sort of encouraged me to blog. I started doing it in portuguese but that changed…

And now I have a book out – Market Monetarism – Roadmap to Economic Prosperity written with Benjamin Cole, which you can find here.

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    • Nice, Joäo, I think we have a similar perspective. I can red Portuguese thanks to my reading of Pessoa (many times ago, when I can think i was young). I´ve see you have a lot of knowledge on recent economy history in “Monetary Ilusion”. I like very much Scott´s Blog.
      So, when I´ll will get some doubt, I´ll ask for you.
      I hope We´ll contact frequently.
      Glad to meet you

  1. this blog is great. it’s good to see an outside perspective on American policy not from England or Canada. it’s also great for retaining some of the little portuguese i learned in college! ha.

  2. Gostei mto do blog mas não dou conta de ler td. Vc posta bastante hehehe. Vc trabalha no mercado financeiro?

    Parabens pelo trabalho

    • Thiago, não trabalho diretamente no mercado financeiro, só “em torno”. Realmente, tenho postado muito e talvez deva reduzir o volume. De todo modo vc não precisa ler tudo. Selecione o que parece te interessar. Espero continuar correspondendo.

  3. É bom vê-lo substituindo importações na análise da economia dos EUA. Parabéns pela iniciativa. Vá em frente! Abs. RM

  4. João Marcus,
    Passo a ser seguidor de seu blog.
    O que li até agora, gostei muito.
    Octavio de Barros

  5. Boa João, voce melhorou muito a formatação de seu blog. Continuo a ler os seus escritos para não me deixar influenciar pelas analises dos economistas do mercado financeiro. Sua analise continua isenta e atraente. Abraços

  6. Thanks for the great work, a great blog. You wrote an article in April of 2010 that was a very convincing (largely graphical) argument that tight money caused the great recession. I have been unable to find it, can you help? FWIW, I am an analyst at a buy side firm and I would like to use your article to… open people’s eyes.

  7. As a former student of yours, my reaction when I first saw your blog was “Fabulous! I’ll keep on learning.” Thanks for sharing it with us! And congratulation for the blog!

  8. Hello Marcus Nunes!

    While (from what I recall anyway) I haven’t made a single comment on any of your posts, I do read your blog from time to time.

    I was wondering…are you, like Bill Woolsey, Scott B. Sumner, David Glasner, Lars Christensen, and David Beckworth, educated in economics to the point of having attained a doctorate?

    If so, where did you spend your university education at?

    Have you published articles in any peer-reviewed scholarly journals before? If so, why don’t you compile them in a document and place a link here? Is it because a large portion of your articles are not written in English?

  9. Olá! Já subscrevi mas tenho tudo em RSS. Como o seu blog é em WordPress, se entrar no wp-admin (zona do administrador) e depois selecionar Apresentação e depois Widgets, poderá adicionar “RSS dos links” (pegue nele e coloque no lado direito). Tenho a certeza que não sou o único que gostaria de ter um feed em RSS. O que escreve é muito interessante! 🙂 Bom fim de semana!

  10. Congrats to Mr. Nunes and Mr. Cole. I just read your book. I found it very persusive and now I have a clearer idea of your contentions. I must say I found the book kind of repetitive and disorganized, but sometimes repetion is the mother of communication as it is of teaching. Still, it a great piece. The evidence presented is overwhelming and the graphs are great! I do not share the conclusions of the book, though. From a central banker perspective, I enjoyed how monetary economics can be put at work in a simple, clear way. Nonetheless, I found somewhat odd that the monetarist argument in favor of NGDPT, as strong as it is, its policy prescriptions have a kind of keynesian flavor. Friedman’s k-rule was passive, whereas NGDPT is an active rule. Anyway, I enjoyed the book. Keep up the good work! My apologies if this was too long.

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