Whom should you listen to? A time saving indicator

Over the past few years, the Fed-cacophony has been loud. That has kept people devoting a lot of time and effort to extract some sort of signal amid all the noise.

Enters the Wall Street Journal to provide some guidance about whom you should listen to help form your views.

It says most member’s views are dispensable, so you should concentrate on listening to Yellen and Fischer, the Chairperson and Vice-Chair, and not waste much time following up on the others.

Whom to listen to

It´s a pity that Yellen´s and Fischer´s views have been so pathetic!

On the other hand, the views of someone like Bullard veer so much that they most resemble a windsock!Whom to listen to_1

One thought on “Whom should you listen to? A time saving indicator

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