By his own assessment, Dudley is saying the Fed has been a failure

On how monetary policy should be conducted, William Dudley concludes:

What is important for attaining the Federal Reserve’s mandated objectives is not that monetary policy is described in terms of a formal prescriptive rule, but rather that the FOMC’s intentions and strategy are well understood by the publicThis argues for clear communication through the FOMC meeting statements and minutes, the FOMC’s statement concerning its longer-term goals and monetary policy strategy, the Chair’s FOMC press conferences and testimonies before Congress, and speeches by the Chair and other FOMC participants. 

But it also is important that the strategy be the “right” reaction function.  This means a policy approach that responds appropriately to important factors beyond the two parameters of the Taylor Rule—the output gap estimate and the rate of inflation.

Interesting that each month a new “important factor” buts in!

3 thoughts on “By his own assessment, Dudley is saying the Fed has been a failure

  1. Dudley seems to be contradicting himself, arguing for Monetary policy by bureaucratic fiat that, by its very nature, is difficult to communicate, predict and comprehend. Arbitrary and capricious always is.

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