Ben brags and we´re easily duped!

After writing yesterday “Bernanke Brags”, today I felt that I was not exaggerating because the release of his memoirs later this year was announced. It´s the most self-serving title of a book that I´ve come across:

In THE COURAGE TO ACT, Ben Bernanke pulls back the curtain on the tireless and ultimately successful efforts to prevent a mass economic failure. Working with two U.S. presidents and two Treasury secretaries, Dr. Bernanke and his colleagues used every Fed capability, no matter how arcane, to keep the U.S. economy afloat. From his arrival in Washington in 2002 and his experiences before the crisis to the intense days and weeks of the crisis itself, and through the Great Recession that followed, Dr. Bernanke gives readers an unequaled perspective on the American economy. This narrative will reveal for the first time how the creativity and decisiveness of a few key leaders prevented an economic collapse of unimaginable scale.


3 thoughts on “Ben brags and we´re easily duped!

  1. Bernanke sinks lower and lower and lower.

    When Bernanke left office, I supposed he had been in a tough spot, with a lunatic FOMC seated with righty-tighties. He was a meek academic sort of guy who made mistakes, but then we all do.

    But this—Bernanke shows no contemplation, no circumspection, no learning–what will the profession learn from such drivel? Let us hope the book is better than the advertising. The title is self-reverential to the point of being an emetic.

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