‘Meteorology’ in two ‘wars’!

For June 1944:

Of all human activities, war is one of the most intense. And it is carried on in the open air. So wind and weather almost always play a part. For most recorded battles, the winning side has had the wind on its back. At sea, this became ‘having the weather gauge‘; on land, with the wind on your back, your arrows, spears and stones fly farther and, with good planning, your opponent‘s fall short . At Towton, 1461, during the Wars of the Roses, snow blew into the losing, Lancastrian, side‘s eyes. Even during the cold war of the mid-20th -century, since upper winds blow mostly from the west, they would usually have carried nuclear fall-out clouds over western Europe back east . Had the Soviet Union waited for an unusual period of easterly upper winds, its occurrence should have raised the level of alertness in the west.

For June 2015 they eagerly await for the ‘inflation winds’ to blow ‘north’!

In his ‘bottom line’ Tim Duy thinks the ‘planners’ are confident about the ‘weather’:

The US economy has very real momentum on its side at the moment. It is more resilient to shocks than commonly assumed. This isn’t 2011.This is 1944June is still on the table.


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