For the last four years, the only “fresh sign” we get is of doom!

And worse, like sepsis, it is becoming “generalized”! The latest on that score:

Economic prospects are flagging across Europe, Japan and big emerging markets such as India, a turn that presents fresh challenges to the relatively robust U.S. economy at a time when the world needs a dependable growth engine.

Multiple strands Friday pointed to slackening economic vitality across the globe.

Unfortunately, the US is in no condition to play the role of a “dialysis machine”!

The low-growth outlook is raising questions over whether weak demand could wash onto U.S. shores in the coming months, even as American businesses and consumers benefit from falling gasoline prices heading into the holiday shopping season. America’s economy has grown steadily this year after a first-quarter contraction, and employers have added more than 200,000 jobs a month for nine straight months through October.

But consumer spending and business investment in the U.S. was muted in October, suggesting the U.S. might provide insufficient demand to help buoy other economies.

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