The “Bullard Trail and Track”

He´s an “off” “on” switch type of central banker. On September 9 he “switched off”, on the 16th he “switched on” and “switched-off” again today:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said in a television interview Tuesday that he is upbeat about the economy and doesn’t think any new central bank stimulus is needed to help keep the U.S. on track for 3% growth.

Bullard Trail_1

He needs glasses, for he´s alone in seeing the US “on track for 3% growth”!

Bullard Trail_2

One thought on “The “Bullard Trail and Track”

  1. Egads. This is how monetary policy gets made? But I suppose Bullard is better than some of his companions who are ever frozen in the “off” position.

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