What the heck is Yellen talking about? “Views” or “Gender”?

Reminded me of “Women are from Venus and Men from Mars”!:

Janet Yellen, the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve in its 100-year history, said Thursday the economics profession, which is dominated by white males, could benefit from a more diverse range of views.

“Often, in the things economists study and the methods we use, diversity is a good thing,” Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said.

“Did the economics profession recruit and promote the individuals best able to bring the energy, the fresh insights, and the renewal that every field and every body of knowledge needs to remain healthy?” asked Ms. Yellen, who was delivering introductory remarks at a conference on diversity in the economics profession.

“These are not idle questions,” she said. “There has been a fair amount of public debate in recent years about the health of the economics profession, prompted in part by the failure of many economists to comprehend the dire threats and foresee the damage of the financial crisis.”

I vote for Christy Romer. She satisfies both the “views” and “gender” requirements.

3 thoughts on “What the heck is Yellen talking about? “Views” or “Gender”?

  1. Egads, Janet Yellen sure does not understand PR. First she lectures us about income inequality, and now about women being better economists than men.
    Meanwhile Janet Yellen is overseeing a contraction in our monetary policy – – where does being a woman have anything to do with this?

  2. Right, gender and race are extreme constraints on creativity, which is why all those Hungarian Jewish men like George Soros, Milton Friedman and John von Neumann are so blandly uniform.

    Whereas Jewish women from Yale like Janet Yellen are distributed evenly along the ideological spectrum.

    dajeeps, Bernanke pretended to be boring, whereas Yellen genuinely is. They are nothing alike.

    The only hint that Yellen might be interesting, in a negative sort of way, is the arrogance she must possess to not be satisfied with her formal duties- doing monetary policy- as the head of the world’s monetary superpower.

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