What the election result in Brazil means?

Disclosure: I´m not registered with any party and don´t much like politics.

But danger lurks for Brazil. After three unsuccessful bids for the presidency, in 2002, at the last minute, the Workers Party (PT) but on “sheep´s clothes” and got elected. That was the first stage of their three-stage program.

The second stage involved “financing”, so corruption grew exponentially over the last 12 years. Now the coffers are full and, having won Sunday´s election (no matter the narrow margin) they are ready to begin the third and final stage for their perpetuation in power and the ‘unmaking’ of Brazil.

Corruption will be drastically toned down (after all the money is in and public opinion is wary). This stage will be defined by a sequence of plebiscites, each one geared to concentrate power in the hands of the Executive, bypassing tortuous Congressional proceedings and trampling over individual liberties.

For several years now, for example, they have tried to gag the press by introducing what is euphemistically called “Social Control of the Media”. This will likely be discussed more forcefully now and in the near future we can expect “society will be called to manifest its opinion”. Other plebiscites will follow. When people realize what´s really going on, it will be too late!

That´s the “democratic” route to Dictatorship; it has happened in Venezuela, Bolivia and is in full bloom in Argentina (once again).

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