The “Bullard Factor”

I may be reading too much into this, but it´s worth a chart.

On October 9 Bullard mused:

Right now, “the markets are making a mistake” and expect the Fed to maintain its ultra-easy policy stance longer than Fed officials themselves currently expect, Mr. Bullard said. When it comes to these expectations, “I would prefer that those be better aligned than they are.”

And one week later, on the 16th he pulled on “sheep clothes”:

The Federal Reserve may want to extend its bond-buying program beyond October to keep its policy options open given falling U.S. inflation expectations.

The markets “reaction”:

Bullard Factor

Having been sent only the second piece, Scott Sumner refers to JB thus:

I don’t always agree with Bullard, but to his credit his views are always data driven. He’s an important swing vote at the Fed, as he’s one of the moderates.

And the market “swings” along!

3 thoughts on “The “Bullard Factor”

  1. Is that like beating the children and then putting a band-aid on the booboos? I wonder what data lead to the first point. I am pretty sure it wasn’t inflation…

  2. Sadly, I I think that Chair Yellin and the FOMC are trapped by the tapering program of their own design. They made a terrible mistake of not keying tapering decisions to levels of inflation or real growth.

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