Making inroads

The name Market Monetarism is not yet four years old, although the ideas (which are an extension of monetarism) recently turned 5! Krugman argues that we are “homeless”, but our “crib” is the blogosphere. Maybe soon we´ll be able to “afford a home”.

That may come sooner than expected, given that “the other side”, full of “high-powered brains”, is now unabashedly brandishing the name (MM) about. Initially Krugman, not wanting to “advertise” called us neo-monetarists, but now he´s calling us by the full name!

Over the past month or so there´s been some back and forth (debate). A synopsis:

What annoys me about market monetarists (see links therein)– Simon Wren-Lewis

Good and bad blog debates –(links to several Mark Sadowski posts) – Simon Wren-Lewis

Neomonetarist delusions (Krugman)

Asymetrical doctrines (Krugman)

Neofiscalist delusions (Nick Rowe)

Mr. Krugman´s peculiar post (Scott Sumner)

Update :

Addicted to inflation (Krugman)

Response from Josh Barro Not Everyone is Addicted to Inflation




3 thoughts on “Making inroads

  1. How about Tony Yates? I like how he mentions in his recent post on MM, that he’d never hear of it until recently.

  2. The people at the advance guard—Scott Sumner, Marcus Nunes—deserve huge kudos.
    What worries me is ossification at the Fed…independent public agencies are loath to evolve. There is not a single MM’er on the FOMC, but some who rhapsodize about deflation!
    This is the problem going forward….

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