It´s almost as if the Fed doesn´t want others to succeed!

Some annotated pictures tell the story for both Japan and the UK. Not that they are “blameless”. After all, Kuroda followed the “taper talk” by “promising to stabilize Japan´s bond markets” and in Britain, Carney hasn´t shown his initial ‘determination to innovate’. In his debut speech on August 27 (it´s the if that ‘kills’):

Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney, in his debut speech on Wednesday, announced new measures to boost lending in the U.K. and said the central bank is ready to step in with fresh stimulus if the country’s economic recovery falters.

Once again, however, his message seems to have fallen on deaf ears: U.K. government bonds fell and traders stuck to bets that the Bank of England won’t be able to keep its pledge to hold interest rates at a historic low until 2016.

Just hope they learn quickly! For now, they´re just trying to mimic Bernanke who is fond of saying “we can do more if needed”!

Not Succeed_1


Not Succeed_2

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