Kudos to Market Monetarists

Krugman congratulates Economix (The NYT Blog) for being the second most influential in the world (although I believe only English language economics blogs are considered). That´s a cute way of drawing attention to #1.

So I´ll take the opportunity to congratulate all the market monetarist blogs, none of which reside in a media outlet, are manned individually by people who came from ‘nowhere’ but nevertheless built up a strong following and garnered the attention of policymakers, journalists, academics and other high visibility institutionally connected blogs. At each new ranking the numbers are growing. Included in the latest ranking of the 200 most influential economics blogs:

The Money Illusion (13)

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative (21)

Macro and Other Market Musings (35)

Uneasy Money (58)

The Market Monetarist (69)

Historinhas (98)

Evan Soltas (121)

Monetary Freedom (140)

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