“The man who knew too much”…but did too little

The title, obviously a “tribute” to Hitchcock, well captures both Bernanke´s “strenght & weakness.” I reproduce a chart that I put up earlier because it clearly shows that.

GDP Release_3

Things are getting even more complicated because Vincent Reinhart, the man who came up with the adopted “forward guidance” expression that was so successful in 2003:  “Encouraging investors to expect short rates to be lower in the future than they currently anticipate”, now says:

“If monetary policy is a science, then we in the private sector are the little white lab mice upon which they experiment,” Mr. Reinhart wrote. “However, as opposed to their counterparts in the hard sciences, the effectiveness of Fed officials in white lab coats depends in part on how well we white mice understand the plan.”

The Morgan Stanley economist said the Fed is “falling short” in its efforts to provide a clear stated monetary policy regime, and he blamed it in part on the difficulty of getting FOMC members to all agree on the best way to proceed.

One thought on ““The man who knew too much”…but did too little

  1. This post raises serious questions about the current role of the FOMC. If the FOMC serves to undercut the perception of Fed resolve…do we need th FOMC anymore. What do they really do?

    It is hard to believe that the Fed chairman needs any more information than that readily available, even just on the web, let alone from Fed staffers.

    So has the FOMC become an albatross, a millstone for any Fed chairman?

    FOMC members can practice zealotry and pompous pettifogging at no expense.

    Of course, diversity is needed…but so is a sense of Fed resolve.

    I cannot sense Fed resolve right now.

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