Poor Japan!

I find it interesting that as soon as the yen depreciates, other countries start whining. As Lars mentioned in his latest post, now it´s Korea that´s moaning! What everyone seems to forget is that for the past 40 years the yen has appreciated strongly against all currencies.

The chart below shows the won/yen exchange rate since 1990. The won has depreciated 185% relative to the yen!


The “impossibility” of a yen depreciation has been an important factor behind Japan´s stagnation over the past 20 years (see here). Now that Mr. Abe is giving indications that it wants to revert Japan´s deflationary spiral, everyone goes Oh, no!

As Lars has shown, Korea´s recovery from the crisis has stalled. Lately, it´s nominal spending has begun to distance itself from the pre-crisis trend.


On the other hand, Japan´s nominal spending is far below the pre-crisis “flat” trend! It would be surprising if no one in Japan felt bothered about this.



5 thoughts on “Poor Japan!

  1. It seems fitting to mention that the book Currency Wars is the only one ahead of Market Monetarism on the Amazon monetary bestseller list today…

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  3. It is always puzzling when some nations criticize other nations for their monetary policies. The United States, or a Japan, must follow a monetary policy that is best domestically.

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