More likely Professor Bernanke will “confound” the world

From Greg Mankiw:

Professor Bernanke teaches the world

A friend in the Federal Reserve sends along the following information:

The Federal Reserve Board announced on Thursday that Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will deliver a series of lectures aimed at college students. Beginning on March 20, he will lead four classes on “The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis” as part of a course offered to undergraduates at the George Washington University School of Business. The class will feature a variety of speakers who will discuss central banking. Chairman Bernanke’s lectures are scheduled for March 20, 22, 27 and 29 and will begin at 12:45 pm EDT.
To access the lecture series live, use the following link:
More info:

This should be interesting. Which Bernanke will the college students hear? The “Bernanke in theory or the Bernanke in practice”? Most likely the latter Bernanke, otherwise he would have a lot of “explaining” to do. But take note, Mr. Bernanke, “we heard what you said last summer”.

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