Central Banks only do good!

Want to come out looking good? Shove the lady over the cliff and before she disappears into the abyss grab her hand and keep her dangling.

That´s what Bernanke is praised for:

Alan Blinder who was a governor and vice chairman of the Fed (1994-96) and like Bernanke is a Princeton University professor writes that while between mid 2007 and mid 2008 Fed actions fell short, following the Lehman blow-up “the Fed deserves extremely high marks for its work since then. It has hit the bull’s-eye regularly under very trying circumstances”.

And Mario Draghi in a fit of modesty says:

DAVOS, Switzerland—European Central Bank President Mario Draghi told the World Economic Forum Friday that the ECB’s actions in December had averted financial disaster and cited evidence of improvement in euro-zone markets in recent weeks.

One thought on “Central Banks only do good!

  1. Except for not averting a deep, deep recession, the central banks have done okay. Sure, the recovery is slow. But what is hurry?

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