“Terrorists all”

Over the last four years, on both sides of the Atlantic, leaders have been acting like seasoned terrorists, impervious to any and all reasoned arguments and even eloquent pleas for some rationality, preferring to “bomb themselves” (resign from the highest posts like Weber and Stark) in protest over “minor concessions” (like the temporary ECB Securities Market Program) or risk jettisoning 250 years of democracy like the US Congress which appears incapable of agreeing on anything (if it´s not “my way”, it´s “the  highway to doomsday”).

I just can´t figure out why one would want to play what appears to be a “lose-lose game”. Maybe some of you can “rationalize” all this.

One thought on ““Terrorists all”

  1. And then today we have this:
    “Germany’s Finances Not As Sound As Believed”
    One wonders how much the confidence of the U.S. might be knocked down if Germany suffers in the same way as the rest of the European Union. And those who don’t believe that money supply needs to be increased tend to forget the negative effects in the increasing spreads. Plus, I used to believe that things would be better if home values could come down. But the housing debt as it was written never changes, and that is the daily reality for everyone who bought a home in the booming years of housing. That means it is also hard for such individuals to reach beyond their ever present debt obligation to gamble on the debt obligations of their own countries.

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