Mudanças no Fed

A partir de 1 de janeiro, teremos 4 novas caras no grupo votante do FOMC. Uma caracterização dos novos membros está (aqui):

WASHINGTON — As the Federal Reserve debates whether to scale back, continue or expand its $600 billion effort to nurse the economic recovery, four men will have a newly prominent role in influencing the central bank’s path.

One (Charles Plosser – Philadelphia) is an economist who fears that the Fed’s easy-money policies could lead to manias like the housing bubble that burst in 2007. Another (Richard Fisher – Dallas) is a Texas Democrat who served in the Clinton White House, but is wary of the Fed’s aggressive efforts to combat unemployment.

A third (Narayana Kocherlakota – Minneapolis) is a precocious economist who graduated from Princeton at 19. And the fourth (Charles Evans – Chicago) is the only one who agreed wholeheartedly with the Fed’s chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, that the economy was at risk of falling into a dangerous cycle of deflation last summer and that an additional monetary boost was needed.

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