Seu time não vai bem? “Vira-casaca” torce pro meu!

Ensaio do Erwin Rosen (aqui), do Ludwig Von Mises Institute, pergunta:

What is the current state of economic science? In two words, “not good.”

No início

This is evident in the poor performance of the economics profession during the current financial crisis. Few economists saw it coming; once it started, its severity caught them by surprise; and now it is apparent that there is no agreement among them on how to end it.

No meio

For mainstream economists, the certain outcome of the current crisis will be the realization that macroeconomics needs a face-lift. As shown in this paper, the monetarist and Keynesian policies so influential in the United States are already being severely challenged.

A conclusão

I conclude my comments by hoping that this crisis forces the economics profession to take a fresh look at what Austrian economics can offer.

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