Quem dera…

De acordo com Scott Sumner (aqui), eu “teria direito” a aproximadamente U$ 1 Bilhão!!!:

In other words, we at TheMoneyIllusion deserve credit for a mere $5 billion dollars in wealth creation.  And I say “we” because it’s a collaborative project.  For instance commenter Marcus Nunes sent me the old Bernanke papers from 1998 and 2003, in which he told Japan to do all the things that we are now telling the Fed to do.  After I posted long excerpts, lots of other bloggers and media outlets started picking up on the story.  Don’t think that Bernanke isn’t aware of what he told the Japanese to do, and don’t think he isn’t aware of all the media outlets quoting those comments.  So I figure Nunes deserves about a billion.  Notice how these tiny crumbs, $5 billion, $1 billion, roughly correspond to the wealth of Facebook’s two founders.  

3 thoughts on “Quem dera…

  1. Joao,

    Fantastico, voce foi realmente dos primeiros a levantar essa bandeira, talvez 1bi seja pouco, brincadeiras a parte, isso mostra o reconhecimento pelo seu trabalho.

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